Loan Types

Conventional Loans

Looking to get a conventional mortgage?   We are direct Fannie/Freddie sellers and we originate a high volume of Conventional Mortgage Loans.   Bring us any competitive offer to ensure you are getting the best possible loan scenario to meet your lending needs.


FHA Loans

FHA Mortgages are amazing loans for first time home buyers, credit challenged individuals, normal borrowers and anyone looking to take a mortgage.   FHA mortgages start with a minimum of 3.5 % as a down payment.


USDA Loans

USDA Mortgage loans are loans designated for Rural and Underserved areas for mortgage lending.  USDA loans are amazing as they can be 100% LTV financing and they do not require a down payment.  Check now to see if a USDA loan is right for you.


VA Mortgage Loans

VA Home Loans are home loans for the Men and Women that are serving and have served our country.   Va Mortgage loans are government backed products, have competitive rates and offer 100% financing so a veteran can move in with little to no money down.


Bank Statement Loans

Bank statement loans can be an excellent alternative to loan to conventional and FHA financing and work well for business owners, commission employees and cash flow positive business owners.


Customer Review

Very knowledgeable, made the entire process smooth and easy. Did a 100% financed VA load for us with an estimated 45 day escrow, he could have had us closed in 27 had the seller been able to get out; even my agent was thoroughly impressed.

J. Hawkins